White Pagoda Park

Once a monk descended from the snow-capped Tibetan mountains and put off on a long trip to the north to meet Genghis Khan. On his way he got ill and had to make a stopover in Lanzhou, where he soon died. This was a great Tibetan lama, in whose honor the people built a pagoda. The legend hast it.

In fact, the first pagoda did not survive, and today’s’ White Pagoda was built on the money of some official, who lived under the ministry of the Min dynasty in the XV century. 200 years later, by order of imperial inspector it was extended. Today it is a 17m-high majestic building, consisting of 7 tiers. The octagonal tower was decorated with Buddha’s images from all sides, but what is interesting is that its walls are white, while its roof is green.

Located in the north of Lanzhou, the White Pagoda was surrounded by bleak waste grounds, but in course of time, the adjacent territory was planted with trees that transformed this place. This is how the White Pagoda Park, opened in 1958, was laid out. The park area, covering 8000 sq.m., along with the main attractions, includes the Mysterious Yellow River Stone Hall, Yugur Reception Counting House, old Zhongshan bridge. Besides, anyone who wishes has the opportunity to ascend up to the top of the White Pagoda overlooking the magnificent panorama of Lanzhou.