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Private Turpan Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

For a small town, Turpan in China’s northwest Xinxiang Province has made quite a name for itself. The hottest, driest city in China, it’s also one of the windiest, sitting in one of the lowest depressions on earth. Yet its unofficial name as “Fire Land” should not overshadow Turpan’s other nickname, “Grape Capital of China”, for this vital oasis city along the old Silk Road is surrounded by a refreshing circle of trees and fed by an advanced irrigation system, providing nourishment to its luscious fruits and population of friendly Uyghur people.

Turpan Tours take you to one of northwest China’s lesser-visited cities, a town as ripe with remnants of its past splendor as with juicy grapes and homemade wines. Each individual trip seeks to appreciate the city’s rich past while honoring its present cultural significance. Discover the Fire Land for yourself through one of our select Turpan Tours below.

Day Tour to Turpan from Urumqi

Turpan was long an important city on the Silk Road, as the city was an oasis along the edges of a vast desert.

Dabancheng, Turpan, Emin Minaret, Jiaohe ruins, Karez Irrigation System
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