Private Akhalkalaki Tours

Private Akhalkalaki Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Akhalkalaki tours will take you to the center of the Georgian frontier area Samtse-Dzhavakhetia. For thousand years, these lands had fallen under the rule of different countries; else than Georgians, also Armenians, Turks and even Persians spread their culture. Today there are many monuments of Armenian culture, as well as remains of trails of the defense constructions of the Turkish architects and many others. In addition, Vardziya, a unique monument – rather big complex cut into rocks, is located not far from Akhalkalaki.

Vardzia and Rabati Fortress Day Tour

Discover the most prominent historical sights of Georgia in one day with Vardziya tour. You will visit ancient cave town Vardziya, built in rocks, and Rabati fortress that was initially set up in 13th century.

Borjomi, Rabati, Khertvisi, Vardzia
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