Batumi Fish Market

Batumi Fish Market

The beautiful seaside city Batumi offers its guests a wide range of delicious seafood. You can buy fresh fish and enjoy tasty dishes in cozy cafes.

You go to Batumi fish market, choose a product you like, sit, relax, and enjoy the sound of the waves while the fish of your choice is being prepared in the kitchen. Prices for cooking are quite moderate. The cost of seafood varies depending on its type.

The fish market is quite an atmospheric place with a specific fish smell. It is popular not only among visitors but also among locals. In summer the place is especially crowded.

The main fish market in the city is not big. On average, about a dozen stalls are trading here. The range varies. You can buy red mullet, dorado, sturgeon, igloo fish, trout, mullet, horse mackerel, gobies, sea bass, crayfish, shrimp, mussels, and other types of seafood here. In addition to fresh fish, the market offers customers hot and cold smoked fish. You can also have fish cleaned for an additional fee.

You can get to the Batumi fish market by bus, minibus, or taxi from anywhere in the city. It is located near the port and Bartskhana area. Visiting the Batumi fish market is a unique opportunity to experience the lifestyle of the city.