Bolnisi Tours

Group Tours and Individual Excursions to Bolnisi

Bolnisi tours will enrich your Georgia travels with mysterious history, unique sites and warm hospitality in this lesser-visited region near the Armenian border. Discover some of the oldest human remains in the world at Dmanisi Archaeological Site, travel with 19th-century immigrants from Germany to Georgia at Bolnisi Museum or visit the 5th-century Bolnisi Sioni Church, the oldest religious site in all of Georgia. Bolnisi tours offer cultural and religious diversity alongside serene nature and delicious cuisine.

Dmanisi and Bolnisi Day Tour

One-day tour to the southern district of Georgia with millennial monuments of the Georgian history. You will see unusual sites of the Caucasus – Dmanisi and Bolnisi.

Tsugrugasheni church, Sioni of Bolnisi Cathedral, Dmanisi archaeological site and others.
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