Climate of Georgia

Climate of GeorgiaGeorgia is famous for its favorable temperate climate which attracts tourists year round. Recent substantial investment in Georgia’s tourism infrastructure utilizes the favorable conditions of the climate of Georgia which facilitates tourist activities ranging from scuba diving in the Black Sea to alpine skiing atop the highest mountains in Europe.

The mild temperatures and relative humidity of the subtropics is prevalent in the western regions closer to the Black Sea. Here, summers are humid and warm with average temperatures in July between +22 and +24C. The winters here are mild as well with average temperatures in January between+4 and + 7C. In the west there is a considerable amount of precipitation (maximum in Adjara ), mostly occurring during the spring and summer.

The Black Sea climate of Georgia allows for sun and sea activities most of the year. In late spring, snow on the mountains of Adjara and warm sea temperatures on the coast offer a chance for winter sports and swimming in the same day.

In the eastern regions, the climate of Georgia changes from subtropical to moderate and arid. If you travel from the Colchis lowland of Samegrelo across the Iberian plains of Imereti, you'll feel the air getting cooler and dryer. On the Ioni plateau of the Kakheti region, summer temperatures average between +20 and 24C with winter temperatures averaging between +2 and 4C.

Rain in eastern Georgia can be sparse and unpredictable. Heavy rains usually occur during mid to late spring. The rest of the year, the eastern regions enjoy abundant sunshine with occasional downpours normally lasting less than an hour.

The weather in the Caucasus Mountains is often erratic. Sudden cold snaps are accompanied by strong snowfalls, downpours and hails.

On the mountain slopes of Georgia, temperatures in July go as low as +4С. In the high mountains, low temperatures of January can reach -16C.These conditions occur in the mountain areas of both eastern and western Georgia ensuring ample snowfall to provide the winter sports/ski enthusiast with multiple destinations for cross country, back country and alpine skiing and snowboarding. Heliskiing has recently become popular in Gudauri and is surprisingly affordable as are all winter sports activities in Georgia.

The canyons and valleys of the central, southern and eastern regions of Georgia (Shida Kartli, Tbilisi, Samsxhejavaxheti, Qvemo Kartli and Kakheti) frequently experience strong winds. Paragliding and parasailing are popular activities, most notably at Tbilisi Sea Reservoir and the surrounding green zone. Substantial variables differentiate one microclimate from another, often occurring within a single kilometer.