Georgia Domestic Flights

Service Air (Vanilla Sky)Georgia domestic flights connect three local airports: Natakhtari Airport (30 km away from Tbilisi), Ambrolauri (Svaneti) and Mestia (Svaneti). Flights are operated by the private air company “Service Air” (Vanilla Sky) on 17-seater Czech-built airplanes LET 410-UVP.


Natakhtari-Mestia / Mestia-Natakhtari
Natakhtari-Ambrolauri / Ambrolauri-Natakhtari
Kutaisi-Mestia / Mestia-Kutaisi

Please note:

  • Check-in - 1h before the flight; flight duration - 1h (60 m); luggage allowance -15 kg per person;
  • Flights are subject to weather conditions due to the mountainous location of the airport in Mestia. The air company makes the cancellation decision on the date of a flight;