Georgian Vegetarian Food

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At first glance Georgia appears to be a country of avid meat eaters, yet in reality there are many Georgian vegetarian food and dishes found in the local diet. Agriculture has gone hand-in-hand with livestock breeding in the land for centuries, and for as much time Georgian cuisine has included recipes using root crops, legumes, herbs and other vegetarian products. Unique Georgian spices harmoniously complement the taste of each vegetable, while varying methods of preparation allow for the creation of one-of-a-kind meals which rival Georgia’s most acclaimed meat dishes. Vegetarians in Georgia have no lack of options when it comes to delicious foods!

Ajapsandal - a delicious stew consisting of potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and onions which are fried in vegetable oil and then stewed in their own juice. Ajapsandal is served with Georgian shoti bread.

Pkhali – a recipe of minced vegetables made from chopped beets, spinach or green beans which are traditionally served on holidays and special occasions. Georgian housewives have been known to quickly prepare a whole assortment of pkhali before guests arrive.

Lobio - an important part of the Georgian diet, these red or green beans are stewed with onions, tomatoes, sweet peppers and spices to create a steaming, aromatic dish that tastes best when eaten with fresh bread.

Mushrooms in ketsi – champignon mushroom caps are baked in a small clay pot, or ketsi, in which they are also served. Small chunks of butter and grated suluguni cheese are placed in each mushroom and the tops are sprinkled with ground black pepper before the mushrooms in ketsi are baked in the oven until an appetizing golden crust forms on the cheese.

Eggplant rolls – this popular Georgian salad recipe is an incredibly satisfying treat. Thinly sliced fried eggplants are smothered with walnut-garlic sauce before being folded into neat rolls. A dollop of sauce and a pomegranate seed are placed atop each of the eggplant rolls before serving. Delicious, satisfying and aesthetically pleasing - all the highlights of Georgian national cuisine in one dish!

Kitri-tomatoris salad – a light salad of coarsely chopped fresh tomatoes and cucumbers which are sprinkled with salt and topped with onion half-rings and grated walnuts. Kitri-tomatoris salad is usually prepared to feed several people and served on a large platter. A healthy and delicious option at any time of year, this Georgian recipe also adds a festive flair to the table.

This list of Georgian vegetarian food is hardly exhaustive, so rest assured that no vegetarian visitor to Georgia will go hungry!