School Fair 2019

Date: from 06-DEC-19 to 07-DEC-19
City: Tbilisi
Exhibition for Education, Sport, Entertainment "School Fair 2019"

Venue: ExpoGeorgia
Official site:

About the exhibition:

The School Fair 2019 will be held over the period 6-7 December 2019 at the exhibition center “ExpoGeorgia”. 

Firstly, the exhibition is designed to create a single platform medium in the education sector in one dedicated space and create a venue where all participants in the industry can come together.

The aim is to focus on potential customers and visitors who will have the opportunity to participate and do an assessment of the presented educational institutions and their advantages, their programmes, teaching methods, infrastructure, Curriculum and technical support they provide.

The educational institutions participating in the exhibition will have the opportunity to present a display of the various choices they offer. This will include the preparation of educational programmes, selection of staff, school handbooks, manuals and information on the most beneficial environment for students they can offer. 

This exhibition will be attracting top professionals and specialists in the education industry, top students and top schools. This will enable them to reach the highest level and quality of secondary education in the country.

Advantages of participation:

  • School Fair gives the participants a unique chance to introduce their schools and learning centers to a wide audience;
  • To introduce interested persons to their educational programmes, methodology, services and products;
  • To Conduct presentations not only at the stands, but also in the special allocated presentation rooms;
  • Display to the target audience their infrastructure and specialties;
  • To re-establish existing as well as form new partnerships and relationships;
  • To create awareness and display the image of the school or institution;
  • To research other participants and form a better understanding of the secondary education field in Georgia;
  • Participation and attendance of new students, pupils and educators (teachers).

Exhibition sections:

  • Private schools;
  • Public schools;
  • Governmental bodies / Resource Centers;
  • Exchange and other programmes;
  • School books publishers;
  • School Suppliers / School Directors;
  • Foreign Language Learning Centers;
  • Musical, Art and Dance, Sports Schools and other training centers;
  • Entertainment centers.