Tbilisi Children’s Tour1 Day | Georgian ethnographic museum, Tbilisi puppet museum, national costume gallery Samoseli Pirveli and Rike Park

One-day Tbilisi children’s tour is a unique opportunity to let your children learn about Georgian history and culture in an exciting and interesting manner, and also to get some unforgettable memories as a young traveller. Everything in Tbilisi is very close to each other - children’s parks are near ancient churches and monasteries, fancy restaurants share walls with old fortresses. And you can buy your child a beautiful Georgian national costume as well as to take him/her to the park where, as legend says, the Tbilisi took its name from.

Tour itinerary:

Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel. The program will begin with the visit to Georgian Ethnographic museum, which is located on one of the highest hills of Tbilisi and it is a miniature model of the whole country. In this open-air museum your kid can get a comprehensive impression of the versatile Georgian ethnic culture and attend a master class in blacksmithing and pottery. From there you will be taken to children’s center for lunch.

It will be followed by a visit to Tbilisi Puppet museum to see a unique collection of puppets. Museum’s collection consists of more than 3000 ceramic, porcelain, wooden, metal and mechanical puppets, most of which are exclusively made for this museum by local and foreign masters. Your program will continue with the visit to the Georgian national costume gallery ‘Samoseli Pirveli’. And even if you don’t want to buy anything there this place worth a visit - you and your child will learn interesting facts about Georgian traditional clothing, its types and regional belonging. The gallery’s models range from adult size to those of the smallest kids. You will finish your excursion in Rike Park on the bank of the river Kura, where you can enjoy the singing fountains, play on a gigantic chess board, walk through the maze, listen to the beautiful legend of how Tbilisi was given its name and many more.

Duration: 8-9 hours


Price includes:

  1. Guided sightseeing tour;
  2. Entrance fees to museums, mausoleums and other sights;
  3. Transport throughout the city tour;
  4. Lunch at a children’s center.

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