Tbilisi-Baku Train

Tbilisi-Baku International Train is a standard train that connects the capitals of Georgia and Azerbaijan. It has several coupe cars (private second-class compartments) and platskart cars (open-carriage third-class compartments). Below is a detailed train schedule and a description of its wagons.

Tbilisi-Baku Train: 38
04:30 Gandja 6h 5m 10:35 Tbilisi Daily Book
Tbilisi-Baku Train: 37
20:35 Tbilisi 12h 15m 08:50+1 Baku Daily Book
Tbilisi-Baku Train: 37
20:35 Tbilisi 6h 15m 02:50+1 Gandja Daily Book
Tbilisi-Baku Train: 38
23:15 Baku 11h 20m 10:35+1 Tbilisi Daily Book

Please arrive 15 min before departure to allow sufficient time for boarding.

International Train
International TrainPlatskartSVCompartmentRestaurant

Kindly note that international tickets are not the subject of return or exchange.

This international train regularly runs on the route Tbilisi-Baku and Baku-Tbilisi. Tbilisi-Baku-Tbilisi trains are operated by Azerbaijan Railways. The cars are equipped with climate control system and areas are non-smoking. Carriages are standardized: SV (Spalniy Vagon) - comfortable sleeping car with 2-bed-compartments, Kupe - regular sleeping car with 4-bed-compartments, Platscart - economy class open "dormitory-style" couchette.

Speed: up to 90 km/h
International train consists of:

  • 1 SV sleeping car with 18 places
  • 1 kupe-compartment carriages with 36 places
  • 1 platskart carriage with 54 place