Kapal-Arasan, Kazakhstan

Kapal-ArasanKapal-Arasan (H-985) is a health resort situated on the northern mountainsides of Jungar Alatau and on the bank of Bien river, 110 kilometers from Mulalyt station. It is also the first health resort in Kazakhstan, opened in 1886. The average temperature of January is –10C, of July +20C. The atmospheric precipitation is 350mm a year. About 2830 solar hours a year. The main medical factors are: chlorid-sulphate, sodium water (29-44C) which contains nitrogen and silicon acid used for bath and shower.

Kapal-Arasan health resort was founded on a base of the same named mineral springs. This resort is located in the heart of park where many poplars and elms grow. The resort territory boasts a magnificent view over the snowy crests and peaks of Jungar Alatau. Kapal-Arasan mineral springs are classified as weakly radioactive and weakly sulphate-chlorid-natrium thermal springs. The temperature of the majority of springs is 35-37C. The water temperature and radioactivity of these springs are similar to Tzkhaltubo springs. These springs have medical conditions for people with rheumatism and metabolism, peripheral systems and blood vessels, gynecology diseases and who suffer from copper and lead poisonings.