Kazakhstan will provide tourists with an access to Saka kurgans

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Access to the Saka mounds will be opened to touristsThe Kazakh city of Issyk (Esik), Almaty region, will open access to the Saka kurgans for the tourists – reports the Tengrinews.kz with reference to the archaeologist Bekmukhanbet Nurmukhanbetov. To get inside will be possible through underground passages to be laid in the kurgans. Kurgan is the Turkic term for a tumulus. These are mounds of earth and stones raised over a grave or graves. 

The Saki, the nomadic tribes, lived in the territory of modern India, Afghanistan, Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the first century BC. In 1970, the exaction in the Issyk vicinity revealed remains of Saki tribal leader, who was later called “The Golden Man”. His tomb contained over 4,000 jewelries made of gold leaf, once sewn on clothing, footwear and headgear.

Today in Issyk and its vicinity there are more than a hundred Saka burial grounds, most of which have not yet been studied. The tunnels for tourists will be built during the excavations planned for the near future.