Kazakhstan Tourism

Kazakhstan: tourism and its development

Southern Kazakhstan Tourism Destinations

The Republic of Kazakhstan is well known for rather unique natural and geographic conditions.(Almaty, Jambyl, South-Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions) is an area rich with ancient history and culture known for such famous monuments of medieval architecture as mausoleums of Aisha-Bibi, Karakhan, Babadzha-Khatun in Taraz, an architectural ensemble of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Turkestan, etc. This list may be nicely supplemented with unique Scythian burial mounds in Semirechje (Almaty region). It is, incidentally, the very region that has played host to the world-famous space-vehicle launching site Baikonyr. Besides, the region affords unique climatic opportunities for recreation, rehabilitation, hunting, alpinism, mountain-skiing and skating. More...

Kazakhstan tourism
Kazakhstan tourism
Tourism in Kazakhstan

West Kazakhstan Tourism Destinations

West Kazakhstan toursism destinations (Aktobe, Atyrau, Mangystau regions) are located in the crossroads of the European and Asian continents in the basin of the Caspian Sea, the Volga and the Ural. It is the location of the world second deepest depression – that of Kargije lying 132 m below sea level, remarkable chalky rocks. Tremendous scientific interest present reserves and monuments of ancient Mangyshlak and Ustyurt, numerous memorable places evoking Kazakh epos.More...

North Kazakhstan Tourism

North Kazakhstan tourism (Kostanay, North-Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions). Everything here – landscape, climatic conditions – favor all sorts of tourist recreation – automobile, bicycle, water ones. Health resorts of Kokshetau, Bayan-aul, Muyaldy offer fine rehabilitation opportunities while natural preserves Kurgaldzhino and Naurzum would be quite interesting for amateurs of “cognitive” tourism. More...

Kazakhstan tourism
Kazakhstan tourism
Kazakhstan tourism

Central Kazakhstan Tourism Destinations

Central Kazakhstan tourism destinations (Karagandy region) display to perfect advantage one of the largest lakes of the world – the lake of Balkhash supplemented by a unique mountainous and forest oasis. The area harbors plenty of memorable places exhibiting various archaeological and ethnographic relics.

East Kazakhstan Tourism

East Kazakhstan tourism is represented by the Altai and its wooded foothills, the river of Irtysh and such lakes as Zaisan, Markakol, Alakol, Sauskan. Fairly rich are flora and fauna of the region. Besides Semipalatinsk region is the birthplace of the great Kazakh poet – enlightener Abay Kunanbaev, remarkable writer Mukhtar Auezov. More...

Alakol Lake

Kazakhstan tourismAla Kol (Multi-colored lake) is one of the most unique lakes in Kazakhstan. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Republic on the border with China. Ala Kol Lake is the biggest lake of the whole chain of Ala Kol lakes. It is unique in its beauty and wildlife. The lake is located 347 meters above sea level, it is 104 km long and 52 km wide.

The lake's shore has unique black medicinal pebble. The water of Ala Kol lake has the same structure as sea water: chloride-sulphate-sodium. Ala Kol's water is warm and the average summer temperature of the water is 26 degrees Celsius. The lake's water is said to be helpful in treating many skin diseases and has a good effect on arthritis, the nervous system. It also improves the general condition of the body. Ala Kol valley is in the zone of insufficient moistening and it is a great climate for treating lung diseases. Good results of treating such diseases as psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis and nettle-rash have been proven scientifically and in practice. Tourists can stay at the recreation center "Arktur" located in the Northeast region of Almaty and is located on the southwest coast of the lake.