Kyrgyzstan Travel FAQ

Visa and Registration

From July 2012 visa - free regime to enter the territory of Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days is effective for citizens of the countries as follows: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican city, United Kingdom to Great Britain and North Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, United Arabic Emirates, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States of the America, Finland, France, Croatia, Czechia, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Qatar, Brunei-Darussalam, Bahrain. Read more.
Group visa is a visa issued for a group. A group is defined as five or more, non-family member applicants traveling to the same location for the same purpose.
A Letter of Invitation (LOI or Visa Support Letter) is a written document in support of a person seeking a visa to enter a foreign country. LOI for tourists visas are issued by travel agencies and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tour agency submits a visa application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry reviews the application, reserving the right to deny any application without providing explanations. Approved visa support is telexed directly to the Embassy or Consulate in the country where you intend to obtain your visa. However, this cannot guarantee visa issuance at the Embassy.
Consular fee – money charged by consulate or embassy to issue a visa.

Before Arrival

Tourist season lasts from April to October, during this period you can make various trips including those in summer (from June to mid-September), you may spend holiday on the sand beaches of Issyk-Kul. The Issyk-Kul sanatoria are operating the year round and in winter time you can receive different manipulation treatment under curative effect of the mountainous-sea air and environmentally safe surroundings. Many ski-mountainous camps are operating in the republic in winter season. Depending on your wish you can find much interesting in Kyrgyzstan almost throughout the whole year.
You are allowed to bring with you up to 1,5 l of strong alcoholic beverages and up to 2 l of wine when entering Kyrgyzstan.

After Arrival

Kyrgyzstan is a secular state. Realization and drinking of alcoholic beverages are not prohibited.
The water in Bishkek is safe to drink. But nevertheless you are recommended to boil it before drinking. Bottled drinking water may be bought everywhere in the country.
Kyrgyzstan offers a great many of private restaurant and café fit every taste . The cost of lunch is $4 and over depending on what and where you order. Below, there is a list of restaurants, meal quality and service level which according to our experience meet the tourists’ tastes:
Tyubeteyka (scull-cap) (Kyrgyz cuisine) - Bishkek city;
Peking duck (Chinese cuisine) – Bishkek city;
Adriatika (Italian cuisine) – Bishkek city.
Bishkek restaurants and hotels as well as those in Issyk-Kul usually offer vegetarian cuisine. It may be a problem in the other regions, but there is always a possibility to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in local markets.
Yes, of course. SIM cards are sold almost at every turn. No documents are required for it.

Transportation Questions

The railway coming from Kirgyzstan connects only Bishkek and Issyk-Kul.
No electronic train ticket system is available in Kyrgyzstan. You can book train tickets and buy them out only 30 days before the trip.
The following types of transport standard for post-Soviet area are used in Kyrgyzstan: buses, trolleybuses, “marshrutka” and taxi.
Bus and trolleybus fare is 0.16USD (8 soms).
“Marshrootka” (the most popular types of transport) is 0.22USD (10 soms).
Taxi fare may vary from $1.5 to $4, it is cheaper to use taxi, which are equipped with mileage meter.
The public transport fare in other cities is usually cheaper than that in Bishkek.
Tariffs for long-distance public transport vary from $1,5 to $5 and over, depending on a distance.
The majority of banks and hotels accept Master Card and Visa. Small cities and suburbs accept payment in cash.

General Questions

Cities Distance, km
Bishkek – Osh 672
Bishkek – Naryn – Torugart 539
The operating voltage is 220V. You have to use a step down or integrated converter for 110/120-V devices in places where there is only 220/240V. The capacity and circuit of your devices should be considered when buying a converter.
In fact, there are no such limits. The people in northern Kyrgyzstan were always known for their moderate views, what is more in the XX century this region was inhabited by a large community of immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe (Bishkek, Issyk-Kul), which fact in its turn affected the mentality of the people adding secularity, tolerance and multi-culture to the life of Kyrgyzstan.
In spite of the fact that the majority of the Europeans left the country after 1991, Bishkek and some other cities in northern Kyrgyzstan (Kant, Kara-Balta, Tokmok, etc) do not differ much from the cities in eastern Europe in their culture and in some places, even in population composition. Though people in traditional clothes can be met here too, but as a rule they are internal migrants from southern regions of the republic.
Southern Kyrgyzstan (Osh, Jalal-Abad etc.) is subjected to a stronger cultural influence of the adjacent states, that is why the religious morals there more strict. So the women are recommended to dress decently (to avoid mini-shirts, décolleté and cover shoulders etc).
The state language is the Kyrgyz one; the Russian language has a status of an official one. In northern Kyrgyzstan, including the capital, records management and every day communication are held mainly in Russian. In southern regions it is the Kyrgyz language that dominates, the Uzbek and Tajik languages are also spoken there.
There are also quite large Turkish- and Uygur-speaking communities in the republic. The English language is getting rather popular among the youth. The German, French and Chinese are met more rarely. You can hire excellent guides and interpreters who have good command of several foreign languages.
The official currency of Kyrgyzstan is the som. Banknotes denominated 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 soms, as well as coins - 1, 3, 5, 10 soms are in circulation. The tyiyns are used very seldom.
1 som = 100 tyiyns
1 USD = app. 47 soms
1 Russian ruble = app. 1.52 soms
We believe that the proposed tours without air flight fees give you some advantages. You can find a better option for yourselves, which will help you to save you more money. You will also have more flexibility in choice of an air route to book tickets, an airport from where you want to depart or where you will possibly want to make a stopover on the way. In addition many people join our tours when they are already in our country, thus excluding the need in air flight.
If you have a group of persons interested in journeys of adventure connected with the activity or sites under our operation, please, apply to us and we will do our best to choose what exactly you are looking for. We will be pleased to help you with this matter, because now we offer many of our tours made by orders of our clients on a regular basis.
Each of our tour is scheduled step by step, giving you possibility before booking, to choose sites and see how they suit you. You have to be sure that you meet our criteria for participation in a certain tour.

Kyrgyzstan has the following mobile phone companies operating in its territory:


Telephone code of Kyrgyzstan is +996. More for the codes of settlements and codes of cellular company of Kyrgyzstan.
Single supplement – surcharge added to the cost to solo travelers when they take a room alone.
Half board includes breakfast and either lunch OR dinner. Full board includes all three meals.
Double room – a room shared by two people. It has one big bed (King-sized bed).Twin room – a room shared by two people. It has two single (separate) beds.
Tour Leader is a person who accompanies and takes care of the tourist group throughout the journey.
Guest house is a house run by local people who live at the same premises. It’s similar to a hostel, bed and breakfast, or inn. Guest house is a type of inexpensive hotel-like lodging. National house is a house where local people live and receive visitors for lunch and dinners. You can order a dish from local national cuisine and feel yourself like home there. Accommodation is usually not provided in national houses.