Kyrgyzstan to represent nomadic traditional games

Category: Traditions, Festivals

Preparation for the falconryKyrgyzstan has presented the “World Games of Nomads” national project aimed to promote traditional ancient games of nomadic Turkic peoples, - reports website. Thus, during an international forum held on 25 January 2014 in Bulan-Sogottu, Issyk-Kul region, the representatives from Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia and Azerbaijan signed a resolution on the conditions, goals and participants for the World Games of Nomads.

The First World Games of Nomads will take place in Cholpon-Ata, located on the picturesque Issyk-Kul lakeside, from 8 to 14 September 2014. The sports delegations from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, China and Russia are expected to take part in the Games, while Kyrgyzstan as a competition organizer will present two teams in each kind of sports. Askhat Akibaev, one of the project initiators emphasized that the World Games of Nomads are as important for Kyrgyzstan as bullfighting for Spain and carnival for Brazil. In addition to national sports, the Games program is known to include horse racing, fighting on horseback, falconry and belt wrestling.

According to the organizers, the World Games of Nomads will be an analogue of Olympic, Asian and Paralympic Games, and in time develop into such large-scale project as World Ethno game.