Yak and national horse games festival by CBT Sary-Mogol

Date: 22-JUL-18
City: Osh

Venue: Sary-Mogol village, Chong-Alay Region (218 km / 3 h 15 m drive from Osh)

About the festival:


Traditional rope games (Buka Tartysh, Arkan Tartysh, Jorgo Jarysh);
Foot and hand wrestling games (Kol kurosh, oogan tebish);
National yak & horse games (Topoz Oodarysh, Topoz Jarysh, Tyiyn-Enmei, Er-Enish);
Concert, dance, handy craft show.

Fees/per person:

500 soms, includes lunch and participation in all activities.