Rent a Car in Kyrgyzstan

Currently, our company does not offer car rental services in Kyrgyzstan. However, there are a number of private companies operating in the country that provide the option to rent cars, both with and without a driver, catering to various needs with a broad selection of vehicles. The terms for renting are straightforward and clearly outlined on the companies’ official websites. Requirements include the driver being older than 23, possessing a valid driver’s license, and the condition that the car cannot be taken outside Kyrgyzstan, along with a few other standard terms. Typically, completing a standard car rental agreement takes no more than 15 minutes.

We're happy to share information about the most reputable and largest car rental companies in Kyrgyzstan:

* Please note this section is purely informational. "Advantour" bears no responsibility for the quality of the services offered.


Adress: Bishkek, 24/1, Lev Tolstoy str.
Phone numbers:
+996 708 10-01-11
+996 312 90-37-45
+996 312 90-37-46
+996 556 11-11-31 (WhatsApp)

Russian Troika

Adress: Bishkek, 65, Chernyshevskogo str.
Phone numbers:
+996 550 63-44-22
+996 558 38-83-21 (WhatsApp)