Fuel and Energy Complex, Industry of Russia

Mining and Processing of Fuel and Electric Power Production in Russia

Fuel and energy complex supplies fuel and electricity to all sectors of economy and ensures economy development. Products of fuel and energy complex are currently the main export of Russia. Fuel and energy complex is composed of mining and processing of various fuels and electric power production. FEC also comprises industries engaged in production, transportation, processing of primary energy resources (oil, gas, coal). Russia is second largest producer of electric power after the United States, and the 3rd after the United States and China in domestic power consumption. Russia exports almost 40% of primary power resources.Major oil companies: «Tyumen Oil Company» (TNK), «NK Lukoil», «Surgutneftegaz», «NK Rosneft», «Tatneft», «Sibneft», «Sidanko», «NTK Slavyanneft», «ANK Bashneft».

The importance of gas production for the country’s industry is growing. Over 85% of the gas is produced in West Siberia and then exported to the CIS, Baltic States and abroad.

Stockpiles of coal in Russia are the largest in the world; the energy potential of the coal industry is much higher than the oil industry.