Russian Emblem

National Symbolics of Russia - Emblem

Russian EmblemThe National Emblem of the Russian Federation is a red square heraldic shield with rounded bottom corners and sharpened at the tip. In the center of the shield there is a double-headed eagle with loose wings and crowned with two small crowns and a large one above them.

The eagle has a scepter in the right claw and an orb in the left. A red shield on eagle's chest shows a silver rider wearing a blue cloak on a silver horse killing a lying black dragon with a silver spear. 

The golden double-headed eagle on the red field maintains historical continuity in the colors of coats of arms of the late 15–17th сс. The eagle goes back to the images on the monuments of the epoch of Peter the Great. The three historical crowns of Peter the Great symbolize in the new circumstances the sovereignty of both the Russian Federation and its parts and members of the Federation. The scepter and the orb personify governmental power and unified state. The rider striking a dragon with his spear is one of the oldest symbols of the struggle between good and evil, light against darkness, protection of the Fatherland.