Russian Festivals

Russian Festivals

Many holidays in Russia are celebrated with large festivals, where lots of people gather and have a good time. Festivals are a great place to experience Russian traditions, meet artisans and craftsmen, and taste the best of Russian foods. There are over 1,500 festivals each year in Russia, from sporting events to cultural festivals, held all across Russia.

There are Russian festivals that are dedicated to an event, or festivals that have an association with a region or even the whole country. Belmelfest is popular in Belgorod Oblast, and celebrates the nearby ancient mountains, while Cherry Forest is a Moscow art festival, Crystal Rings is all about bells in Arkhangelsk, and Legends of Taman celebrates Cossack culture in Krasnodar.

The Springs of the Altai is a festival that reveals the traditions and secrets of traditional Russian creative works and crafts. The festival is held every two years, with the support of the El Oiyn Foundation in the Ust-Koksa village. In 2017, the Springs of the Altai Festival was named the Event of the Year and entered into the list of 200 best Russian projects. The Springs of the Altai Festival aims to preserve and develop traditional culture in the Altai, and to share it with people both from nearby places and abroad.

For those with more culinary interests, the AltaiFest is a great place to try traditional drinks and to learn about their origins. In addition to the drinks, there are concerts, horse games, and games for children. AltaiFest is a lively event in the Altai Krai, and a great way to taste the flavors and experience the culture of Altai. AltaiFest also recently became one of the top three events at the Russian Event Awards, as one of the best gastronomic events.

There are lots of events and festivals to choose from, in locations all across Russia. Whether you want large events with lots of excitement and adrenaline, or a small, local festival in a cool place, Russian festivals have you covered. Plus, festivals are the best way to experience Russia in a new way, with concerts, food, demonstrations, and handicrafts for any tourist.