Sangin Mosque, Hissar

The oldest monuments of Hissar - Stone Mosque of Sangin

One of the most interesting monuments of the Gissar historical and cultural reserve is the domed Mosque of Sangin. This monument of architecture is not only one of the most interesting, but also one of the oldest. It is also found not far from the Hissar Fortress.

The construction of the Sangin Mosque started in the XII century and lasted till the XVI century. The mosque’s name is translated as “Made of stone”. Its name is connected with one of the unique features of the building. The mosque’s lower masonry is laid with stone blocks to half of its height.

The mosque is a square building with an entrance portal. Inside the mosque there is a traditional courtyard. The mosque itself is located opposite to the portal. The entrance portal is skillfully decorated with inscriptions and paroemias from the Koran.

A unique feature of the mosque is four bottomless jugs, immured under the mosque’s dome. The jugs act as resonating holes, designed to improve the acoustic features of the hall for prayers and sermons.

A local legend is connected with the Sangin Mosque. The Sangin Mosque is believed to be built in the VII century by the order of holy caliph Umar.