Tajikistan Tours

Tajikistan tours

Tajikistan tours will take you to one of the ancient states in the world. It is famous for its Pamir Mountains and lots of opportunities for hiking, mineral springs of Garmchashma and the cleanest lakes of Iskanderkul, Karakul and others. It's not only the natural beauties of Tajikistan that keep remaining attractive, but also the ancient cities that once had the Great Silk Road passing through it: Khudjand, Panjakent, Istaravshan where travelers would see oldest and grand monuments. Moreover, in Hissar, archaeological and architectural monuments of different epochs comprise the historical-cultural reserve of 86 hectares.

Tajikistan tours will introduce you to the only Persian-speaking state in Central Asia with its unique culture and traditions. This beautiful country with severe climate, situated in picturesque foothills of Pamir is located far from Eurasian transport routes. Modern Tajikistan has been formed under the influence of ancient customs of the Iranians, Persians, Islam, neighboring Uzbekistan and Soviet Russia.

The major part of the population occupies the northern even lands of Tajikistan. Two the largest and most developed cities of the country are Dushanbe and Khujand. In the southeastern part of Tajikistan, people who live in arduous mountain settlements strictly follow ancient customs and Zoroastrian rites even now. Moreover, Islamic traditions are also thoroughly applied there.

In the 90-s Tajikistan experienced a civil war, and today the country has set a course for renovation and represents an interesting tourist destination in Central Asia. The infrastructure for tourism is not developed yet, that is why travelers do not have high expectations on comfortable stay choosing tours in Tajikistan. However, picturesque scenery, hospitable people and breath-taking nature well compensates lack of comfort.

Tajikistan tours are great for those who appreciate active and adventure tourism, eco and ethno-tourism, alpinism, mountain hikes, combined with hunting, rafting, paragliding, and wild nature photography.

Tajikistan tours from Uzbekistan. Individual programs and small group packages. Sightseeing cities of Tajikistan. Hotel reservations, transportation, guides and interpreters.

Combined Central Asian tour is a complex trip for those who want to see everything here and now. You will explore the nature, culture, history and architecture of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Explore the most interesting cities and sights of this mountainous country with Tajikistan cultural tours. Visit museums, historical objects, participate in various events and enrich your knowledge about this beautiful land.

City Tours in the cities of Tajikistan. Visit interesting places and main attractions of each city.

Tajikistan attracts tourists with its ancient cities and mountains that occupy 93% of the country. Join tourists who have the same passion, book scheduled Tajikistan small group tours with fixed prices and cut your travel expenses.

Exclusive tours to the most picturesque and high-mountain road among the snow-capped peaks in the Pamir Mountains.