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Our news digest is a summary of vital and useful information on Tajikistan tourist industry. The oncoming festivals, Exhibitions & Events, news on the development of tourist industry, data on new air flights and railway runs and so on can be found in Tajikistan touristic news from Advantour.

Tajik "osh pilavi" and its social-cultural context were enlisted by the UNESCO Intangible Heritage, reports the official site of the organization. more
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ТаджикистанAs of 1 June, Tajikistan introduced electronic visas. Now tourists can receive electronic visas without visiting consular departments, reports the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. more
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Iskanderkul“According to the United Nations World Travel Organization, Tajikistan was included into the top three rapidly growing destinations in 2015”, - reports the online edition “Around the World”. more
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