Tajikistan among the fastest-growing touristic destinations in the world

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Iskanderkul“According to the United Nations World Travel Organization, Tajikistan was included into the top three rapidly growing destinations in 2015”, - reports the online edition “Around the World”.

The statistics shows that in 2015, there were 414000 guests from all over the world (that is 94% more than the previous year) flocked to this picturesque Central Asian land.

Pamir mountain ranges are ideal for extreme tourism and nature holidays. It is like a lighthouse, attracting many hikers and climbers. In comparison to the rest of the Central Asian region, this part of the Great Silk Road outstands with drastically different culture.

It is also to mention the mountain Lake Iskanderkul that took its name from Alexander the Great. The lake is located on the height of 2000m and surrounded with snow-capped mountain peaks. It fascinates with its turquoise water and beautiful nature. This place is rather popular among travelers and practically every tour in Tajikistan includes a visit to Iskanderkul.

Dushanbe, the capital of the country, attracts with the biggest clay statue of Buddha in the world. 13-m tall “Buddha in nirvana” was made approximately 1600 years ago.

It is to note that leading place in the rating was given to Paraguay and New Zealand island Niue completes the top three.