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Visa Support

Visa support letter is one of the documents required to submit as a part of tourist visa application. It allows the receiver to obtain the appropriate visa category in the consular offices of the Republic of Tajikistan abroad, consular offices at airports and offices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan.

Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan sends a scanned copy of the visa support via e-mail or by fax to the visa issuing office (consular offices or representative offices in the airports) on the day of visa support issuance.

We will be glad to take care about your visa support letter. Please send us the following:
1. Filled out Tajikistan Visa Support Letter form;
2. Which tour you would like to book;
3. Good quality scan of your passport (full page that clearly shows all text, photo, signature, bar code).

After, we will proceed with submitting it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dushanbe. Ministry reviews the application during ten business days.

Consular fee is 25 USD per person, it does not depend on the length of stay or citizenship. Group visa (more than 5 persons) 50% off (12,5 USD). Under 16 years old – 10 USD.