Tajikistan Weather

Climate and Weather of Tajikistan


Average annual temperature and precipitation in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tajikistan is remarkable for its variety and contrasting nature conditions. In summer the temperature is 30-40 degrees above zero and in wintertime it is 8-10 degrees below zero. Half of the territory of Tajikistan is occupied by the highest mountains of Central Asia – the Pamirs where there are the biggest mountain chains of Asia – Karakorum, Kuenlun and Hidukosh. The Pamirs is called the “Roof of the World” because some of its peaks rise to a height of more than seven thousand meters above sea level. The snow-caped Peak Ismoil Somoni (former peak “Communism”) reaches height of 7495 meters. There is also the highest mountain salty lake Karakul and the biggest glacier Fedchenko (77 km.). In August 1999 the International mountain climbing expedition was arranged dedicated to the 1100 anniversary of Samanid’s state, in which more then 75 climbers from 13 countries participated.


The climate of Tajikistan is moderate, sharp continental and dry. It is subtropical in low valleys, and cold in high mountains. That’s why it is possible to grow most sun loving cultures (including citric plants) and get 2-3 harvests per year. In high mountains of Tajikistan there are great supplies of ice and snow. 

Winter temperatures in valleys are from 0°C to +2°C, high in the mountains - to -27°C. In summer temperature in the valleys is from +23°C to +30, +35°C, in the mountains - from +4°C to +15°C. The most precipitation falls in winter and spring.