Turkmen Sweets

Turkmen Desserts - Sweets and Drinks

Turkmen cuisineTurkmen sweets are mainly similar to the traditional sweets of the peoples of Central Asia, Turkey and the Caucasus. Of special note among them are halva, baklava, sherbet, navat, and bekmesam.

Bekmes is a natural syrup or concentrated fruit juice, made with no sugar added. It is often referred to as fruit honey. This is a very tasty drink which the Turkmens serve as a dessert. There are many recipes to cook bekmes, each Turkmen tribe has its own one, which takes into account the kind of berries or vegetables to be used to prepare the dessert.

Turkmen cuisineNabat (navat, quinoa-shakeri) is different-sized sucrose crystals grown on the threads. The nomads consumed nabat as sugar and used as a kind of sweets. Nabat is produced by way of recrystallization of sucrose from syrups saturated with sugar. This is a pure organic product without any additives. Also, there is a belief among the Turkmen peoples that nabat has healing properties.

Turkmen cuisine

Halva is traditional dessert almost in all countries of the East. This oriental dessert is made from sugar, nuts, and oil crop seeds or wheat flour. The most common type of halva is sesame halva made from ground sesame seeds.

Sherbet is a traditional drink in the Eastern countries. Back in the old days, sherbet was prepared from Cornelian cherries, hips or rose with the addition of spices. Today sherbet is called a drink made from fruit juices with spices and ice cream added.

Turkmen cuisineBaklava (pakhlava) is a traditional oriental confection of hojaldre with walnuts in syrup. It is very tasty oriental bake, traditionally made in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for Navruz.

In addition to sweets, traditional for the East, the pastries of Turkmen national cuisine should be also noted. The cookies “pishme” and crumpets “chapada” are especially loved by the Turkmens.

Pishme represents cookies from diamond-shaped dough, which is fried in oil as pastry straw.

Chapada is a cake of the size of a small plate, made of dough and fried until golden brown.

Another dessert after a hearty meal among the Turkmens is considered melons and watermelons. These gourds are a favorite delicacy among the Turkmen people and often eaten instead of sweets.