Turkmen Bread

Turkmen Bread, Traditional Turkmenistan Food

Turkmen bread is a staple of the local diet. Traditional bread in Turkmenistan is called chorek and is eaten on a daily basis. Other popular flatbreads include a sourdough bread called katlama, stuffed tortillas known as gutab and a bread laced with small chunks of meat, called etli nan.

Katlama (flaky flatbread)

To prepare this treat, a stiff sourdough is rolled into a thin layer, greased and rolled back up. The roll is cut into strips which are formed into circles, slightly pressed down and rolled out. A small hole is then made in the middle before the katlama is fried in a generous amount of oil. Katlama may be eaten in Turkmenistan with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Gutab (tortillas with savory fillings)

To prepare this Turkmen bread a stiff, unleavened dough is rolled out to form a thin 2-millimeter layer. Individual tortillas are cut out, smeared with raw egg and filled with a mixture of meat, spinach or greens such as chopped green onions or parsley. A dab of butter is placed in the center of each tortilla, which are then folded to form crescent shapes. The gutab are either baked in an oven or deep fried and are usually served hot.