Darvaza Yurt Camp
Darvaza Gas Crater

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Darvaza Yurt Camp provides the ideal setting for soaking in the beauty and mystery of Turkmenistan’s infamous Darvaza Gas Crater by night. In the past, tourists would travel more than 270 kilometers from Ashgabat in order to admire the “Gates of Hell” for a short time before driving back that same evening. Now, a stay at Darvaza Yurt Camp allows you to enjoy this jewel of the Karakum Desert during its most exquisite hours from sunset until dawn.

Darvaza Yurt Camp is located just 500 meters from the crater and is linked to the gas-fueled fire pit by a brick path. The spacious grounds have camping area comprised of 6 traditional nomadic yurt tents, with each yurt able to accommodate up to 4 people. Toilets and showers have been conveniently installed near both clusters of yurts.

The camp includes an eating area comprised of large wooden tables and traditional raised platforms situated in reed pavilions, while an indoor dining area is available for use in poor weather. Guests will have the opportunity to watch national dishes cooked in a traditional tandoor oven, and dinner served next to the fiery crater is available upon request.    

Unique experiences at Darvaza Yurt Camp do not end at mealtime, however, for the grounds also include a  corral filled with Turkmenistan’s highly prized horses, domestic animals and camels, as well as a small garden where local vegetables and Turkmen melons are grown.

If you wish to get the most out of your visit to Turkmenistan’s Darvaza Gas Crater, an overnight stay at Darvaza Yurt Camp will allow you to fully appreciate this one-of-a-kind site while experiencing a slice of traditional Turkmen culture.


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