Andijan Regional Museum, Andijan

Address: 258, Fitrat str., Andijan
Phone: (+998 74) 225-16-39

From the ancient times, the Fergana Valley has always been a prosperous land. In different historical periods, Fergana saw strong states which left behind an impressive legacy. These are monuments of architecture, arts and crafts, various findings of the ancient period, sculptures and works of art. Today, these monuments are closelyexamined by scientists and stored in various museums of Uzbekistan.

Andijan Regional Museum is one of such museums. All exhibits of the museum’s fund were discovered in Fergana region or belong to the history of this area.

The museum’s entire collection is divided into many areas: ethnography, fine art, applied arts, archeology and many other. The museum houses a vast collection of exhibits describing the life of the population of Fergana region in the ancient, antique, medieval periods of the regional history.

Andijan Regional Museum
Andijan Regional Museum
Andijan Regional Museum

The museum collection comprises of over 66,000 exhibits. It includes not only archaeological findings, but also the works of contemporary masters of Fergana region: artists and artisans, who, following the traditions of their predecessors, are reviving the ancient craft of the great masters of the Fergana region.

The museum exposition is constantly updated. The museum regularly holds various exhibitions, both in Fergana and all over Uzbekistan. Also, each year Andijan Regional Museum, along with other museums of Uzbekistan, displays its best contemporary works in the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. Thus, anyone can see the exposition.

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