Uzbekistan Tours

Uzbekistan tours

Uzbekistan tours welcome you to explore ancient cities along the Silk Road - Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and others. You will be enlightened with the rich history, culture and architecture listed by the UNESCO World Heritage: Ichan-Qala fortress, historic center of Bukhara, Registan square, the heart of ancient Samarkand where little has changed over centuries, and many more. Nukus awaits you with ‘one of the best museums in the world’ as the Guardian, the British Press, reviews.

Uzbekistan Group Tours Duration Price
Classic Cultural Tour 8 $ 910
Central Asia Tour 14 $ 2880
Silk & Spice Festival Tour 8 $ 790
Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour 13 $ 1660
Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan Tour 11 $ 2030
Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Tour 14 $ 2430
Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour 20 $ 3180
Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour 16 $ 2885
Winter Tour 7 $ 590
Navruz Tour 8 $ 790
Aral Sea Tour 2 $ 290
Darvaza Gas Crater Tour 2 $ 415

Uzbekistan tours offer wide variety of activities: riding a camel in the Kyzylkum desert and staying in a nomadic yurt, tasting (and cooking, if you wish) the most delicious pilaf; exploring traditional hand-made silk production in Marghilan. If you prefer an active holiday look for the mountain resorts of Chimgan and Beldersay. Aral tour is a lifetime experience for adventure seekers and photography trips.

Ecotourism opportunities of the Nurata mountains, where visitors experience everyday life of locals and enjoy virgin nature, add value to Uzbekistan sustainable tourism development. For those who are looking for extraordinary feelings remote Karakalpakstan (autonomous republic in the west of Uzbekistan) with disappearing Aral Sea, cemetery of ships would be a lifetime experience.

Fergana valley is an epicenter of artisans where masters of embroidery, pottery, carpet weaving; blacksmithing and many others have been keeping traditions in sixth or seventh generation in a row.

Tashkent, usually the first introductory destination of Uzbekistan, is a well balanced blend of ancient oriental heritage and a modern city with huge variety of restaurants and cuisines that could cater for any taste.

Uzbekistan tours are not only about sightseeing, delish local food and hospitable people are the most vivid impressions, that tourists recall in the first place.

Explore exotics of modern East, ancient history, mesmerizing medieval architecture, ingenious applied arts, Uzbek hospitality, yummy pilau and crispy bread, abundance of natural delicious vegetables and fruits grown under generous sun with Uzbekistan tours. By the time you take a flight back, you will have an extra baggage of positive and unforgettable impressions!

Join small group tours to explore Uzbekistan, its historical cities, eastern hospitality and delicious cuisine. Scheduled dates in 2018 and fixed prices will cut your costs, and a group journey will broaden your network.

Explore local culture and traditions of Uzbek people and discover ancient cities of Uzbekistan with private tours tailored to your interests and schedule. Enjoy hospitable culture, medieval architecture and delicious cuisine.

Uzbekistan religious tours itinerary include but not limited to Buddhist monasteries, monuments of Zoroastrian culture, Sufi medieval mansions, the most ancient Islamic architecture and sanctuaries in Central Asia.

Explore Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan in one go or combine in a way you would like. We will gladly arrange your tailored Central Asia tour or offer to join groups gathering from all parts of the world.

Experience bewitching canyons, breathtaking view of waterfalls and spacious meadows followed by rock carvings, mountain hiking and night camp fire. No matter which Mountain tour you choose, it will be an unforgettable adventure!

If you happen to stay in Uzbekistan at weekends, then you will have a great time by choosing any of the Advantour weekend tours, which guarantee both interesting excursion and active holiday.

Off the beaten track adventure tours offer mountain climbing, camping and hiking, jeep-safari or a beach break on the shore of the Charvak water reservoir. Book an adventure tour in Uzbekistan and enjoy your active vacation.

Train travel allows to enjoy scenery, to reach far cities hardly available in a taxi or to get to close cities in a short time at a fair charge. Explore ancient cities that were a major stopovers on the Great Silk Road in the past.

Guided City Tours in the cities of Uzbekistan. Short day trips and excursions in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva. Visit interesting places and main attractions of each city.

Extension tours are add-ons to your main itinerary in Uzbekistan. Tour programs cover interesting sites that are not included in standard tour programs and include trips to mountains and petroglyphs and Aral Sea.

Fascinating tour into two countries of Central Asia where you can see monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in Uzbekistan, as well as traveling along the picturesque valleys of Kyrgyzstan surrounded by snow-capped mountains of Tyan-Shan.

Indulge in the world of Central Asian deserts where cities of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Kunya-Urgench, Ashgabad, Mary and others have hidden as oases.

For the weekend you can take a trip to two neighboring countries of Central Asia: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Uzbekistan special interest tours are a wonderful opportunity to explore the wonderful world of memorable discoveries and adventures. Archaeological, astronomical, gastronomical tours are not even the complete list of reasons why you need to return here again and again.