Armenian Cuisine - Dairy Products

Armenian cuisine - chechil cheeseAll dairy products are very esteemed by Armenians. They are valued like bread and consumed both as separate dishes and seasoning to other dishes. Cheeses take a special place in Armenian diet. There are a lot of varieties of cheese - with different herbs, garlic and a number of fillings.The developed household cheese making differs not only by rich assortment of cheeses but also original use of whey and buttermilk and their further processing. So, matsun whey or buttermilk are used for making cottage cheese zhazhik. The most known Armenian cheese is twisted chechil.

Armenian cuisine - matsun

The most popular dairy product is matsun – thick sour milk drunk by Armenians from time immemorial. The name of this wonderful beverage originated from Armenian verb “matsutsel” – “to thicken”. It is used as the base for making spas – sour-milk soup with wheat cereal. In the summer time matsun is dilute with water and it turns into tan - a refreshing milk beverage a must in summer heat for thirst quenching.