Armenian Cuisine - Sweet Dishes

Armenian sweets - baklavaThe most known sweets are kyata and nazuk - original multilayered pies with stuffing. Each layer is soaked with drawn butter and sugar – as a result kyata and nazuk have such melting dough and mild taste.

Everyone has heard of baklava  – delicious puff honey cookie with a thick nut stuffing. This and other sweets came to Armenia from Turkey and Arabian East.

Armenian sweets - baklava

Just one more Armenian dessert, shudzhukh, is a must for holiday and New Year's feasts. It is made from grape or apricot juice which is used for making syrup called doshab . Doshab is then turned into thick flour kissel with addition of clove, cinnamon or other spices. A string of walnuts is dipped into the boiling mixture to be dried and stored for winter.

Alani - dried peaches and other fruits stuffed with nut paste and fructose as well as raisins and other stuffing.