Armenia Festivals 2021

Every year, there are many festivals held in the many corners of Armenia. These festivals introduce you to traditional Armenian foods, products, symbols, crafts, both from within the country and abroad. By visiting even just one of the many Armenian festivals held every year, you can get to taste the traditional dishes of this mountainous country, listen to its songs and watch its dances, experience its ancient customs and traditions, and of course, have a good time.

Schedule of Armenia tourism festivals and events in 2021

Date Name / Location


June 4-5 Yerevan Wine Days/ Saryan Street, between Tumanyan and Pushkin streets Many wine and cheese producers display their products at this event. Local restaurants also offer Armenian dishes to be paired with wine.
to be announced soon Mulberry Festival/ Karayundj village, 4 km from Goris This festival is accompanied by Armenian songs and dances. There are also master classes and mulberry gathering.
to be announced soon Gata Festival/ Haik village, Vaitsdzor Province Gata is a traditional Armenian sweet dish similar to a bun, but very different in structure. The largest gata in the world is cooked at this festival.
to be announced soon Areni Wine Festival/ Areni, Vaitsdzor Province This festival features local wine and cheese producers, as well as songs, dances, competitions, and performances from local residents and professional ensembles.