Armenia Festivals 2023

Armenia Festivals 2023

Every year, there are many festivals held in the many corners of Armenia. These festivals introduce you to traditional Armenian foods, products, symbols, crafts, both from within the country and abroad. By visiting even just one of the many Armenian festivals held every year, you can get to taste the traditional dishes of this mountainous country, listen to its songs and watch its dances, experience its ancient customs and traditions, and of course, have a good time.

Schedule of Armenia tourism festivals and events in 2023

Date Name / Location


June / To be announced Yerevan Wine Days/ Yerevan, Saryan Street, between Tumanyan and Pushkin streets Many wine and cheese producers display their products at this event. Local restaurants also offer Armenian dishes to be paired with wine.
June / To be announced Sheep Shearing Festival/ Khot, Syunik Province Sheep Shearing Festival presents a sheep shearing competition, fair with produce of the local manufacturers, homemade food & drinks from participant rural communities, as well as the games, live music and dances, and other entertainment.
June / To be announced Color Festival/ Yerevan The Color Festival celebrates the arrival of summer season. The guests of the festival should expect to be doused in absolutely harmless brights powders, while meeting friends and dancing to music played by local DJs.
June / To be announced Armenian Herb Festival/ Yenokavan, Tavush Province The guests of the festival will learn about Armenian herbs, flowers and different methods of using them, including their healing properties.
July / To be announced Vardavar/ Swan Lake & Republic Square, Yerevan This Pagan feast was transformed after the adoption of Christianity: on “Vardavar” in modern times, everybody pours water on one another, starting early in the morning.
July / To be announced Yell Extreme Park Festival/ Yenokavan, Tavush Province The Yell Extreme Park is located in the forested hillsides of Yenokavan in Tavush Province. Visitors can take part in activities like the horseback riding, paragliding, mountain climbing, mountain biking and ziplining.
August / To be announced Rafting Festival/ Tumanyan, Lori Province The River Rafting festival is growing in popularity each year, and the Lori Province with the Debed River is undeniably one of the epicenters of whitewater rafting and kayaking in Armenia.
August / To be announced Honey & Berry Festival/ Berd, Tavush Province The Honey & Berry Festival is an annual festival that aims to showcase the richness of the region, highlighting its importance as a center for the production of honey and berries.
September / To be announced Cultural Revival Arts & Crafts Festival/ Dilijan, Tavush Province The Cultural Revival Arts & Crafts Festival held in Dilijan every year, promotes regional-specific arts and crafts, including decorative arts like pottery, blacksmithing, woodworking, and national cuisine.
September / To be announced Yerevan Music Night/ Charles Aznavour Square, Yerevan Yerevan Music Night brings together music lovers and insures them with a positive mood. During the evening the locals and the city guests can attend a live concerts, performed in various musical styles and genres, and by the best musicians and singers around.
September / To be announced Gata Festival/ Khachik, Vayots Dzor Province Gata is a traditional Armenian sweet dish similar to a bun, but very different in structure. The largest gata in the world is cooked at this festival.
September - October / To be announced Tea and Coffee Festival The Tea & Coffee Festival’s two-day event in Yerevan brings together all the tea and coffee lovers at Seasons Park.
October / To be announced Areni Wine Festival/ Areni village, Vayots Dzor Province This festival features local wine and cheese producers, as well as songs, dances, competitions, and performances from local residents and professional ensembles.
October / To be announced City Day in Yerevan/ Yerevan City Day in Yerevan is celebrated every year. City streets are turning into a large-scale platform for mass festivities and grandiose performances.