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Church calendarUnique manuscript published in the first quarter of the 17th century filled up the collection of the Holy Echmiadzin, reports the Armenia News. more
Category: Echmiadzin
Robots from all around the world to be brought to YerevanFor the first time in Armenia, there will be held a world-known exhibition “Ball of Robots” in order to demonstrate more than 20 interactive robots from different countries, - reports the news agency PanArmenian. more
Category: Exhibitions&Events
Visa free travel introduced between Armenia and BrazilArmenia canceled visa regime with Brazil, - reports the Information agency RIA with the reference to the press-service of the MFA Armenia. more
Category: Visa
Armenian Bible and Ayvazovsky’s birthday on the UNESCO CalendarFirst Armenian Bible’s 350th anniversary included into UNESCO Calendar The 350th anniversary of the First Armenian Bible printed by VoskanYerevantsi has been included in the list of important cultural events of the UNESCO for 2016, - reports the website of the MFA Armenia. more
Category: Culture, Religion