Tavush Landmarks, Armenia

Haghartsin Monastery

Haghartsin Monastery, Tavush Landmarks

If you travel from Dilizhan to the village of Tekhut through the reserved beech-nut wood the road itself will take you to the monastic complex of the 11 th – 13 th centuries, Haghartsin.


Dilijan, Tavush Landmarks

Dilijan is one of the major cities in Armenia with the status of mountain climate and balneal resort. It is located in Tavush marz in the river Argstev gorge at 1,258-1,510 m amidst coniferous woods. Dilijan is famous for its magic healing air saturated with the aroma of pines creating very favorable conditions for the people suffering from pulmonary diseases.

Dilijan Reserve

Dilijan Reserve, Tavush Landmarks

Dilijan reserve is a huge territory with surprising combination of picturesque landscape of mountains, woods and mineral springs.

Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank Monastery, Tavush Landmarks

Near to Haghartsin monastery there is another beacon of science and culture of ancient Armenia , Goshavank Monastery or Nor Getik where the major medieval university used to be.

Tavush Fortress

Tavush Fortress, Tavush Landmarks

On one of the slopes of the gorge of the river Argstev there is a high rock with the towers of medieval Tavush fortress (Berd) which gave its name to Tavush marz.