Expo Russia-Armenia 2020

Date: from 21-OCT-20 to 23-OCT-20
City: Yerevan
9th Industrial Exhibition Expo Russia-Armenia 2020 and Yerevan Business-forum

Venue: Yerevan Expo
Official site: www.zarubezhexpo.ru

About the exhibition:

From 21to 23 October will be held the 9th Industrial Exhibition Expo Russia-Armenia 2020 and Yerevan Business-forum.

The purpose of the exhibition: the development of economic, scientific, technological, cultural and political cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, the establishment and strengthening of ties between the two countries, the development of joint business, trade, economic and investment relations.

According to responses of Russian and Armenian participants, the exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA, that held already seven times in Yerevan, has reached its goal and has served as a comprehensive strengthening of ties between the countries. Evidence of such a high level of mutual relations is annually participation in the opening ceremony of the event of the President of Armenia.

The exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA - is:

  • Unique business atmosphere;
  • The high level of visitors;
  • Targeted program of events for professionals.

The exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA ARMENIA 2018 in Yerevan includes:

  • Yerevan Business Forum;
  • Round Tables in the Ministries of Armenia: “Transport and communications” , “Energy and natural resources”, “Agriculture” , “Health”, “Science and education”;
  • Interesting cultural and excursion program.

Exhibition sections:

  • Energy;
  • Machinery, Metallurgy;
  • Instrument;
  • Transport and logistics;
  • Geology and Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Information technology;
  • Innovation and investment;
  • Banks and insurance companies;
  • Agriculture and food;
  • Medicine;
  • Education.