Chirag-Kala Fortress, Quba

Standing close to the high mountains are the ruins of Chirag-Kala Fortress, once a key structure of the Gilgilchay fortress defense system. It was shaped like an irregular rectangular (160 х110 m). From the northeast the fortress wall was protected by a deep moat. All other sides of it had a thick, high wall with 13 towers.

Today only the ruins of these towers have survived. The towers were successfully used many times to signal alarm in case of danger (Chirag-Kala means "Lamp Tower "). A fire set on the tower tops was visible from many kilometers away. In this way Chirag-Kala was a kind of an "informant" and was the major one within the signaling system of the medieval strongholds.

Chirag-Kala can only be reached by a long and steep hike, as it is a bit outside Quba. Be sure to plan adequate time to reach the fortress and return, and pack everything that you will need with you.