Sheikh Yusif Mausoleum near Quba

To the northeast from Quba is located the city of Khachmaz. In its outskirts (village of Shykhlyar), there is Sheikh Yusif Mausoleum (15th-17th centuries). It is one of the most ancient mausoleums of Azerbaijan.

The building is made of the square burnt bricks. You can notice it from quite a distance: unusual prism-shaped silhouette: the facade of the mausoleum is decorated with big parastas - original ledges running along the walls giving the impression of "deep set doors". These ledges are united among themselves by the high vaulted arches. The main arch forms a deep portal without ornament intricacies leading inside the mausoleum.

It is not known for certain who sheikh Yusif was and what he was famous for but his mausoleum speaks his noble origin and is an interesting architecture landmark of the Middle Ages.