Gelersen-Gerersen Fortress near Sheki

Wall of the Gelersen-Gerersen Fortress

4 km from Sheki on the bank of the river Kish one can see the picturesque ruins of for "Gelersen-gerersen" Fortress. The fortress stands on the top of mount Garatepe. Presumably its foundation was laid in the 15th century by the ruler of Sheky. For many years the fortress protected approaches to the city from foreign aggressors. It was superbly reinforced with several lines of thick walls. The impregnability of this fortress was even mentioned in written sources. The name of the for tress can be translated as "You come -you'll see". The whole period of the city's history is connected with it. In the 18th century when Sheki was attacked by Iranian ruler Nadirshakh, the ruler of Sheki, Gadzhi Chelebi, refused to surrender. Enraged Nadirshakh wanted to find out his hiding place. Gadzhi Chelebi replied : "You come - you'll see" . The story tells that in 1744 Nadirshakh with his huge army approached the fortress, but could not take it by storm and was forced to retreat. It was then when the fortress got its name " Gelersen- gerersen".

Today the fortress is a must for every tourist coming to Sheki. The ruins possess especially mysterious air about them in twilight. You are under the i mpression of being a part of that restless medieval time. On the territory of the fortress there are many deep bottomless wells. Some people say they were used as traps for enemies. There is also a version that under the fortress there is an underground passage in case of flight.