Mtirala National Park in Adjara

Mtirala National Park in Adjara

Mtirala National Park, located just 25 kilometers from the seaside resort Batumi, is a piece of paradise saturated with greenery and the coolness of subtropical forests. If you want to discover the splendor of Adjarian nature, you should not miss visiting it.  
The beautiful landscape of the park is attracting many visitors, especially during the summertime. It amazes everyone with the vivid colors of the dense subtropical forests, soothing sounds of the river Chakvistavi, the beautiful waterfall, the lake, and the calmness of the surrounding nature. The park is separated from the Rioni Lowland by the Meskhetian Mountain range, creating a unique climatic zone.

In general, Adjara is one of the warmest regions of Georgia. Even in winter, the temperature can exceed +20°C.  The region is well known for the diversity of flora and fauna, humid seaside air, and an abundance of natural sources of clean drinking water.

The flora of Mtirala National Park is represented by mixed and broad-leaved forests. Here you can find thickets of boxwood, beech, chestnuts, and rhododendrons, along with cherry laurel and numerous species of vines. According to scientific studies, there are more than three hundred different plants growing here.

The local fauna is equally diverse. You can find wild boars, roe deer, Caucasian squirrels, martens, jackals, brown bears, foxes, chamois, otters, lynxes, wolves, and many other species in the park. Many of these animals are listed in the Red Book of Georgia.

The national park is also interesting in terms of ornithology. Falcons, kites, hawks, thrushes, cuckoos, jays, hoopoes, and pigeons can be found on its territory. 


There are two hiking trails in the national park: one is short and easy, and the other is long and relatively difficult. If you are not ready for a long hike, then the first one is perfect for you. It passes through dense forests along a well-marked path and leads to Tsablnari waterfall. On the way, you can walk towards the lake as well. The lovers of the intense hike should choose the second trial. The angle of ascents and descents often exceeds 45 degrees. In some places, you will be walking through thickets of hogweed, so you should wear tight clothes that completely cover your arms and legs. It is worth taking food and water with you, as well as a repellent, it can come in handy in the evenings. 

Mtirala National Park in Adjara


Mtirala National Park is well equipped, providing its visitors with indicative signs and modern infrastructure. It has a hotel, a restaurant and special places for camping and campfires. In addition, you can enjoy ziplining and horse riding here.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get to the Mtirala National Park is by taxi or a private car. However, it is possible to get there by public transport. From Batumi bus station, located near the port, you can take a minibus to the village Kala and walk several kilometers to the entrance to the park. At the administration building, where the hotel is located, you can get free maps and other brochures about the Mtirala National Park.