Romanov’s Palace near Borjomi

Romanov's Palace, also known as Likani Palace, is amazingly beautiful example of architecture located in Likani, close vicinity of Borjomi. The palace design was developed by Leon Benoit; the construction took 3 years, and was completed in 1895. Since then this place on the bank of Mtkvari River served as a summer holiday residence for Russian Royal family headed by the Grand Duke Nicholai Mikhailovich.

General architectural style of the Palace is described as Mauritian, with each of the sides of the villa having a different form and shape. The major feature of this type of architecture is that the European (mostly French) design is adopted to suit humid climate, and include elements that are made to keep residents cool and dry.

The Romanov's Palace in Borjomi houses a unique collection of different Royal antiques such as a table that was presented to Romanov's by French emperor Napoleon, a chair presented by Iranian Sheikh, historical table assembled personally by Pyotr the First from nut tree roots, the billiard table, Russian oven with the images of different animals of Borjomi gorge and etc. Central entrance arch of the Palace is decorated with a porcelain parrot that turns around every time when there is the air stream, like the bird is greeting visitors.

One of the major attractions within the Palace is a private office of Grand Duke, which was later occupied by Joseph Stalin, who used to spend here his summer vacations as well. Two «historical» hobnails draw attention of visitors, as they are believed to be nailed by Stalin himself: one on the table for his hat, another one for a coat on a wall. Another must-see spot during the Palace tour is a “butterfly” bedroom. There are two major legends about how the idea of painting the walls in this room with butterflies came up. One says that a daughter of the king asked to do so after a beautiful butterfly flew into her room; and another story suggests that one of the Royal naturalists was so impressed with Borjomi butterflies that he offered to paint them on the walls, as each of them is different. There is also a double-sided armchair called a “couple in quarrel”.

A wonderful garden completes a magic impression that tourists get from visiting the Romanov’s Palace in Borjomi.