Georgian Cheese

Georgian Cuisine - Cheese

One more distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine is the use of plentiful of cheeses. The structure of cheeses there is very specific. In Georgia cheese is boiled in milk, fried on a spit, in a frying pan, soaked, crushed, flavored with oil and spices.

Each area of Georgia can brag about having the best cheese type. There are several hundreds of Georgian cheese courses having cheeses as ingredients but the most favorite of all is khachapuri.

Especially well-known are Adzharian khachapuri. They are made as little boats with an egg poured inside each. Khevsur khachapuri are stuffed with greens, and Rachin ones – with string beans.

Georgian cuisine
Georgian cuisine
Georgian cuisine

Khachapuri is a farinaceous meal with big amount of cheese. This national Georgian food is spread everywhere in the republic and is coke differently.

Outwardly khachapuri remind large curd tarts (closed and open) filled with cheeses and baked on cast-iron frying pans.

The dough for khachapuri is necessarily needs matsoni (Georgian sour milk). As a result it turns out especially tender.

The cheese for stuffing is soaked, slightly wring out, and crushed with whipped eggs and creamy or drawn butter.

A pastry layer is heavily greased with drawn butter, then it is rolled in and out several to make it puff. Only then they put the stuffing and baked on a frying pan. Ready khachapuri are buttered and served hot.

It’s time to expand your knowledge with the guide to Georgian cheese that will introduce you to some of the country’s most delicious cheese varieties like Tenili, Dambalkhacho and Svanuri Narchvi.