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Ikalto Tours, Georgia

Private Ikalto Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Ikalto tours is a trip to a small monastery with a thousand-year history. The place is located 8 km away from Telavi. The monastery is also called the Academy as there was once a cultural-educational center of Georgia. Some sources state that it was here where the great poet Shota Rustaveli had studied. Ikalto, according to some scientists, is a real “layered pie” as the age of its buildings and different artifacts vary between 7th and 19th centuries. Ikalto tours is a journey 1000 years back where you can touch the pages of the Georgian history.

One-Day Kakheti Tour

One day Kakheti tour is a journey to wine making cradle of Georgia where you will try finest wine in Twins Winery and explore bright samples of Medieval architecture in Telavi, Ikalto, Alaverdi, etc.

Telavi, Ikalto, Alaverdi, Twins Winery, Tsinandali
1 Day | All year round | Reviews (0)

Georgia Highlights

Visit Georgia, the land of cultural monuments, kilometers of vineyards and hospitable people with Georgia Highlights Tour. You will enjoy seeing the best of Georgia in one trip.

Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Ikalto, Alaverdi, Napareuli, Tsinandali, Jvari, Ananuri, Kazbegi
4 Days | Spring, summer, autumn | Reviews (0)

Sacred Caucasus

Skim the cream of the South Caucasus in an eight day tour to hospitable Georgia and historical, yet modern Armenia.

Georgia, Armenia
8 Days | Spring, autumn | Reviews (0)