Marleta's Farm, Kakheti

Cheese Farm Marleta, Kakheti

The unique cheese farm "Marleta" is located in the small Kakhetian village of Shalauri, in the middle of Alazani Valley. Ten types of cheese are produced here, each of which has a unique taste and a different consistency. Visitors will learn about the original methods of cheese production and taste unusual types of cheese that are not found anywhere else.

The Marleta space combines a goat farm, an open-air cafe, a library, and a tasting area. The farm produces cheeses using an unconventional technology that requires special climatic conditions. The hosts will show you the factory and invite you to taste the local cheese, made according to a unique method.

The terrace of the cafe offers stunning views of the Alazani valley and the Caucasus mountains. It is a great place for cozy gatherings with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The interiors of the cafe and the cheese farm are decorated with beautiful paintings.

The owners of the cheese farm, Leo Tsagaria, and Sopho Gorgadze will give you a tour of the production area and tell you in detail about the process of cheese production. They themselves give names to the sorts. So, one of them is called Bona - in honor of the first goat they brought. Other cheese names are Ashmelo, Shaul, Marletas Bzha, and many more.

The hostess of the establishment is also a chef in a local coffee shop. She has a creative approach and believes that in cooking there are never exact recipes, and the process should be approached creatively. You can taste the prepared masterpieces and take part in the master classes.

You will be given the opportunity to sample a variety of farm goods during a private cheese tasting. You'll test some combinations with wine, dried fruit, almonds, and honey. You will also be given the quince-based dessert called Membrillo, it will help to balance the flavor of the prior cheese.

Marleta products can be purchased at the market on Orbeliani Square in the center of Tbilisi.