Khevsureti Tours

Group Tours and Individual Excursions to Khevsureti

Khevsureti Tours invite you to discover the beauty of Georgia’ Greater Caucasus as you explore ancient towers, learn unique local traditions, savor Georgian dishes and bask in the fresh mountain air. Mysterious trails leading to the fortresses of Mutso and Shatili, hikes to the remote village of Roshka and the turquoise waters of Abudelauri Lakes are just a few of the many wonders awaiting you on our Khevsureti tours.

Two-day Tour to Shatili and Mutso

Two-day Tour to Shatili and Mutso

A fascinating 2-day tour to the mountain village of Shatili and Mutso Fortress will introduce you to the unique culture and history of the Khevsureti region. You can walk through picturesque meadows, see majestic mountains and unusual historical monuments.

Zhinvali reservoir, Datvisjvari pass, Shatili, Anatori necropolis, Mutso fortress

Details2 Days | June - September
from US$ 290 per person

3-day Hiking Tour to Shatili, Mutso & Roshka

Hiking Tour to Shatili, Mutso & Roshka

Discover history and nature in a remote area of Georgia on this 3-day off the beaten track mountain villages hiking tour to Shatili, Mutso & Roshka. Visit the unique fortified villages of Shatili and Mutso and hike through Alpine landscapes to the three vivid Abudelauri Lakes.

Zhinvali Reservoir, Datvisjvari Pass, Shatili, Anatori Necropolis, Mutso Fortress, Roshka, Abudelauri Lakes

Details3 Days | June-September
from US$ 435 per person