Tbilisi Art Fair 2019

Date: from 17-MAY-19 to 19-MAY-19
City: Tbilisi
2nd Tbilis Art Fair

Venue: EC Expogeorgia
Official site: www.tbilisiartfair.art

About Tbilisi Art Fair 2019:

The 2nd Tbilisi Art Fair 2019 will be held from 17 to 19 May 2019 in Tbilisi.  

TAF is an international contemporary art fair, with a focus on roughly the area bounded by the Black, Caspian and Baltic seas. These countries offer rich and vibrant emerging art scenes, underrepresented in art fairs. TAF will be the place for collectors, curators, journalists and art professionals to discover under one roof selected artists and galleries from Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Romania, Belarus and the world.

TAF deliberate intimate format will allow us to create continuous and personalised relationships with each exhibitor throughout the fair and beyond. Our objectives are to help sales, networking, exhibition projects and institutional partnerships.

Advantages of Participation: 

  • DIVERSITY under one roof;
  • NETWORKING opportunities;
  • NEW PROJECTS find a springboard at fairs;
  • GALLERIES based outside major urbancentres are DISCOVERED; 
  • STUDENTS & YOUNG ARTISTS are able to see a broad spectrum of art without the need for expensive or extensive travel;
  • ARTISTS CAN KICK START THEIR CAREERS by achieving instant visibility with an international audience;
  • Unique opportunities to PROMOTE REGIONAL ART SCENES;
  • Art fairs BRING TOGETHER PEOPLE who often only interact remotely.


TAF will host about 30 GALLERIES dealing in CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ARTS, actively engaged in the organisation of exhibitions and contributing to the contemporary ARTISTIC DISCOURSE. Galleries are selected according to their professional REPUTATION, ARTISTS represented, geographical FOCUS, and commitment to building a SOUND ART MARKET. No differentiation are made between galleries or contents, what matters in this section is COHERENT CURATORIAL DECISIONS.


A section conceived in reference to the LOW-COST STUDIOS for YOUNG and penniless ARTISTS launched in early 20th century, that housed such TALENTS as Alexander Archipenko, Ossip Zadkine, Chagall, Fernand Léger, Jacques Lipchitz, Max Jacob, Soutine, Delaunay, Modigliani, Brâncuși...

The Hive will host ARTISTS or COLLECTIVES WITHOUT REPRESENTATION and give them a chance to be exhibited, find a gallery, collector or patron. But also VIRTUAL and POP UP GALLERIES, and galleries who cannot afford the cost of a BOOTH but want to take TAKE A CHANCE on an artist.

The Hive will showcase about 40 artists selected by TAF through an open call.