Shopping Complex "Bazaar on Orbeliani", Tbilisi

At the end of 2021, an updated, modern retail space "Bazaar on Orbeliani" was opened on the site of the former Collective farm market in the central part of Tbilisi. The first floor of the former "collective farm market" is occupied by the Carrefour supermarket chain. An agricultural market is located on the second floor of the renovated building. The third floor is given over to a food court, where you can find dishes of Georgian and other cuisines of the world: Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc. There is also a terrace with a gorgeous view of the city and a lounge area with cocktails, soft drinks and light snacks.

The new market occupies 3 floors of an old historical building and has a total area of up to 10,000 square meters. The retail space includes more than a hundred points of sale of fresh farm products and ready meals.

The food part of the bazaar is a space with stalls with vegetables, fruits, spices, honey, herbs, nuts, cheeses and other food products. You will certainly be impressed not only by the rich assortment and variety of products, but also by the most accurate display of all goods. Therefore, the "Orbeliani Bazaar" can be visited not only to buy churchkhela or dried fruits, but also to take beautiful photos. The updated market promises to become a real symbol of the modern retail space, where the traditional agromarket is combined with the original design solutions of today.

History of the market and the square

The land on which the market and the square are now located previously belonged to the Princes Orbeliani. It was originally granted to Prince Grigory Orbeliani in the XVIII century by Tsar Teimuraz II for faithful service as a general.

In the XIX century, this place was popularly called the Soldiers' Bazaar. At that time, the Tbilisi garrison was located nearby on Tabukashvili Street, and on the site of the square there was a market where vegetables and other foodstuffs were sold. On weekends there was a fair where you could buy everything you needed. Soldiers were frequent visitors to the market, hence its popular name. In Soviet times, the square and the market were called Collective farms.

What is there around?

In mid-2019, the restoration of Orbeliani Square was completed. Now, in place of the old buildings that were leaning and broken roads, residents of Tbilisi have two pretty pedestrian streets with slender rows of two- or three-story houses with carved balconies, spiral staircases in courtyards and recreation areas. The renovated buildings in this area belong to the XIX-XX centuries of construction, which means that a walk around the neighborhood will give you an idea of the architecture of these times in Tbilisi. 13 of the 20 restored buildings have the status of cultural heritage monuments.

In addition, in the area of Orbeliani Square you will find a shady square with huge plane trees towering over it. There are playgrounds for children, benches for recreation, as well as a stunningly beautiful fountain decorated with figures of musicians playing various instruments. Nearby you will find the famous flower market, where you can buy seasonal flowers, roses, succulents, and even small-sized Christmas trees in pots in the New Year period.

The restoration of the old market added even more color to the square. The Mayor of Tbilisi and the management company believe that the Orbeliani Bazaar will attract even more tourists and locals to the city center and make Orbeliani Square one of the key points of attraction in the capital of Georgia.

Not far from the new bazaar and the square you will find an underground parking lot that can accommodate up to 150 cars.