PCR Test in Tbilisi

PCR Test in Tbilisi

Many tourists to Georgia have been wondering where to take a PCR test in Tbilisi. Currently all non-vaccinated travelers to Georgia are required to take a PCR test 3 days after arrival, and based on the final destination many airlines will also require a printed, negative PCR test before tourists can board their departing flight.

Although free coronavirus testing in Georgia is available only for those presenting with COVID-19 symptoms and for anyone who has been in contact with an infected person, PCR testing for a fee is available at many clinics. The average price of a test is 50-70 GEL, but expect to pay more for rapid results.

Below is a list of centrally located PCR testing centers in Tbilisi which offer services to both tourists and locals, along with info on each provider’s working hours and turnaround time for test results:

Neolab Clinic offers results in either 7 or 24 hours, with the rapid results provided for an additional fee.

The prices are the following: The results in 24 hours: 60 Gel (at the clinic or at the hotel).

The results in 12 hours: 95 Gel at the hotel/75 Gel at the clinic.

Addresses: 47 Tashkenti Street and 8 Nutsubidze Street

Contact: (+995) 32 2 392 803

Working Hours: Weekdays from 09:00 - 18:00

                            Saturdays from 10:00 - 16:00

Evex Polyclinic offers both PCR and rapid antibody testing; PCR test results are provided in 24 hours and antibody results in 20 minutes.

The prices are the following: at the polyclinic: 80 Gel, at the hotel 100 Gel.

Evex has several clinics in the city, including two in the center:

Addresses: 3 Vekua Street and 40 Vazha Pshavela Avenue

Contact: (+995) 32 2 550 505

Working Hours: Vekua Street Clinic: 09:00 - 18:30

                            Vazha Pshavela Avenue Clinic: 09:00 - 20:00

We recommend double-checking the working hours for all other Evex clinics, as some of them close at 18:00.

Cito Medical Center Laboratory offers PCR tests, with results ready in maximum 8 hours at the standard price and in 2 hours for an additional cost.

The prices are the following: the result in 8 hours at the lab 99 Gel and at the hotel 130 gel, the result in 2 hours 450 Gel (the test must be taken at the lab located in Vake, Arakishvili street 2).

Address: 40 Z. Paliashvili St.

2 Arakishvili St.

Contact: (+995) 32 2 290 671

Working Hours: Weekdays: 09:00 - 18:00

                            Saturdays: 10:00 - 15:00

Med Diagnostics Laboratory offers PCR testing at the clinic and at home, with results ready in 12 hours.

The prices are the following: at the clinic: 70 Gel, at hotel 90 Gel.

Address: 3 L. Mikeladze St.

Contact: (+995) 32 2 800 200

Working Hours: open 24 hours

Synevo Medical Laboratory offers PCR tests at their labs and at home. After 12 hours you may pick up a printed report at any Synevo Medical Laboratory location.

The prices are the following: at the clinic: 70 Gel, at the hotel 80 Gel, if the test is taken before 13:00 the results can be ready by 17:00/18:00 o clock at the price of 130 Gel.

Address: 9 Tsinandali St.

Contact: (+995) 32 2 393 833

Working Hours: Home tests: 08:30 to 23:00

                           Lab tests: 09:00 to 18:00

24/7 COVID-19 Testing in Tbilisi

Medical World offers home and clinic PCR tests 24 hours a day. Results of tests taken before noon will be ready the same day by 20:00, and tests taken after noon or at home will be ready by 02:00 am.

The prices are the following: Gel 70.

Address: 56 Lubliana Street

Contact: (+995) 32 2 180 280

Working Hours: open 24 hours

American Medical Centers Tbilisi offers 24-hour testing at the clinic and at homes, hotels and workplaces.

Results are typically ready in 24 hours, but same day results are also available.

The prices are the following: at the clinic in 24 hours 85 USD, at the hotel 100 USD, the results in 12 hours: 125 USD.

Address: 11 Dimitri Arakishvili Street

Contact: (+995) 32 2 500 020

Working Hours: open 24 hours

Where to Receive Fast Results

For those unsure of where to take a PCR test in Tbilisi, Georgia in order to receive rapid results, we recommend checking out one of the following:

Neolab Clinics offer PCR test results in 7 hours. (See contact info above)

Medical World offers PCR testing 24 hours a day at both their clinics and at home. Results are typically ready in 8-12 hours but may be obtained in 5-6 hours for an additional fee. (See contact info above)